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Town Ordinances

Chapter 11 relates specifically to ATV operation.

Town Ordinances were organized into the Code of Ordinances
adopted November 16, 2004.
Each of the Chapters can be viewed from the links below.

Some Chapters have been rewritten, incorporating more recent Resolutions or Amendments. Check the dates on the last page.

More recently Amendments to Ordinances were not incorporated into the original Chapter. These are indented below each Chapter.

The following documents will appear in a new browser window.
When finished close the window and you will return to this page.

Chapter 1 - General Provisions

Chapter 2 - Government & Administration

    2.2-9 - Alternate Board Member

    2.2-9 - Worthless Checks

__2-2-9 Alternate Member for Board of Review

    2.10-1 - Parliamentary Procedure

Chapter 3 - Emergency Services

__3-3-1(d), 2(d) Emergency Services

__3-3-2 (c) Emergency Services

__3-1-4 Fire Protection Charges

__3-3-1(a)(d), 3-2(d)Emergency Services

Chapter 4 - Recycling

Chapter 5 - Enforcement and Penalties

   5-5-7 - Enforcement & Penalties

__5-5-7 August 2006 Enforcement & Penalties of Ordinances

Chapter 6 - Traffic Enforcement

   6.6(b)1 - Road Sign

Chapter 7 - Unauthorized Activities on Town Property

Chapter 8 - Boating and Water Safety

__8-4 Jet-Ski Resolution

Chapter 9 - Offenses Against Property

Chapter 10 - Snowmobile Operation

Chapter 11 - ATV Operation

__11-4 ATV/UTV Amendment - Designated Roads

Chapter 12 - Public Safety

   12.6 - Fireworks

   12.12-5 - Hazardous Waste

   12-12-5 Hazardous Waste Resolution

Chapter 13 - Public Nuisances

Chapter 14 - Animal Control

Chapter 15 - Miscellaneous

Chapter 16 - Town Highways and Roads

   16.1-1 - Road Name Changes

   16.2-1 - Town Road Damage

Chapter 17 - Driveway

__17-3(c) Driveway Ordinance Amendment

__17-3(f) Driveway Ordinance Amendment

Chapter 18 - Town Plan Commission

Chapter 19 - Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Chapter 20 - Liquor Licensing

__20.4 Liquor Licensing Amendment November 08

__20.7 liquor licensing amendment 11-06

Chapter 21 Ordinance for Barnes Area Developement Corp

Chapter 22 Records Retention Ordinance

Chapter 22 Retention Schedule

Chapter 23 Uniform Dwelling Code
The notices, agendas, minutes and postings on the Town website are for informational purposes only.
They may not be the most current version and therefore are NOT considered the official or legal copy.

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