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Tomahawk Ski Trail & Sliding Hill

Classical Skiing - Mountain Biking - Hiking

  • Location - Parking at park off Moore Rd.
  • Beautiful Scenery - The trail wanders through the rolling hills of the surrounding forest. There are great vistas of lakes and majestic stands of pine. Roughed grouse, deer, bald eagle are examples of the wildlife you may see.
  • Close to nature experience - The trail averages only 8' wide to give you the experience of being all alone with the surrounding woods and wildlife.
  • Great classic, diagonal skiing - The trail was designed and constructed specifically for cross country skiing. It maximizes available down hill runs with safe glide outs, while maintaining minimum grades for the uphill segments. If you enjoy listening to the wind whistle past your ears this trail is for you. The entire trail is single tracked. Width of the trail prohibits skating.
  • Well marked - Color coded arrow signs keep you in the right direction and on the appropriate trial. "You Are Here" signs are posted at each trail intersection.
  • Trail length - The blue loop, 2.7 km (1.7 miles), is the easiest. The yellow loop is about 7 km (4.5 miles) with a short cut reducing it to 4 km (2.5 miles).
  • Take a break - There are rest benches along the trail. A three sided shelter provides a larger rest stop about half way around the longest loop. Feel free to build a fire during the winter and bring a lunch!
  • Mountain Biking - The hilly nature of the trail makes it ideal for a mountain bike workout. The woods look totally different in the summer. Take the opportunity to get off the roads and back to nature.
  • Hiking If you like a nice, easy going walk with no challenges, don't try this trail. You will get a good workout on the hills. Don't let me discourage you though, especially on a pleasant fall day when the air is crisp and the fall colors are at their peak.
  • Trail Rules and Safety
    • The trail is one way only!
    • Carry out all litter and garbage.
    • No pets on trail during skiing season.
    • Plan for emergencies.
      Bring: wind breaker or space blanket; quick energy food; matches.
    • Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.
    • No motorized vehicles allowed!

Current Trail Conditions (Scroll to bottom)
Other Trails in the Area

Sliding Hill

  • Location - North of Park Rd on Moore Rd.
  • Big and Steep - If you like a big, steep hill with a safe run out that is not onto a lake try this one. The only problem is the climb back up!
  • Access - From the Moore road go past the Tomahawk Park road and stay to the left at the fork. Access is just past the next road on the left side. Watch for the sign. Park on the road. You can see the hill through the trees. It's about a block hike in.
  • It's a Blast!

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